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March 8, 2019

Truth, truth stares in our face…

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In this episode, self confessed bald white guy, Neil Scott, lectures us on racism, brexit and the media of the billionaires;  Nathalia Urban on the rise of femicide cases in Brazil Music; the Scottish Socialist Party's Richie Venton on 1919 – revolt on the Clyde and Lagan, The Wakes lead singer, Paul Sheridan on the emperors new clothes and Red Raiph reads his poem, "The Squeaker of the Hoose..." 

With Music from Vokxen, the cundeez, The Wakes, John mcharg and Cosmic Caz - what else should a self respecting Tory ideology hater be listening to?

Please get in touch, let us know what you think of the new format, if you agree or disagree with any of our amazing contributors, maybe you wanna tell us about a band you like, contact us @_Ungagged on twitter and you can find us on Facebook. I mean you can do it if you want, or you could go watch BBC Question Time. The choice is yours!

Oh, and we aren't wanting money to tour Scotland to teach grannies to knit, but we would be very much obliged if you help us pay for our website, podcast platform, domain name and other expenses we have producing "Scotland's Secret Gift to the World." Donate via Paypal HERE

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