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A music theme this month… We promise there is no Morrissey anywhere near this episode…

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December 8, 2019

Christmas Borders…

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The UK Christmas Election is highlighting how awful the binary sloganeering of the right really is - and how much the power of the Billionaire owned press and media still is killing democracy.

Let this be your antidote.  


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In an in depth interview, Ungagged's Derek Stewart MacPherson speaks to SNP activist and Glasgow City Councillor Graham Campbell about the GE, Independence, Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour manifesto, the SNP and the Growth and Social Justice Commissions, expenses scandals and historic injustices at the GCC, and much, much more.

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Lula's first official speech: After his triumphant release from prison, former President Lula returns to his roots. From the metalworkers union In São Bernardo, he spoke for the first time about his ideas for improving Brazil and strengthening the Latin America left.

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On Saturday 26th of October, the Radical Independence Campaign held a conference.  The Speakers included Ungagged's Nathalia Urban from Resist Brazil and Scottish Green MSP, Ross Greer.


Nathalia starts the podcast off, followed by Ross at, 6 mins 25 sec and then Nathalia again at 15 mins 20 secs.


Introduced by Neil Anderson.

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October 17, 2019

Another Council Tenancy..?


As the power mongers... the aristocracy and rich in the UK, and the bureaucrats of the EU come to a deal that will cut freedom of movement, enforce Tory rule for another generation and impoverish millions across the British Isles, we bring you our ode to anarchy... our voices in the storm.  The Brexiteers bring you... something.  Nothing you voted for... or against... but nothing you understood.  Boris, Rees=Mogg, Farage, Bannon - the rich bastards that had you voting for stuff you didnt end up with, won again.

"Resist the Tory toffs, Resist the Bannonites, resist the Faragians... but I thought it was the ... NHS?  The foreigners? the blue passports?  The bent bananas?  WTF?"


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September 5, 2019

The Spectacle

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The Trumpist, Murdoch, Fox news media; social media selfies while your finger is on the button of destruction of peoples lives - buying a pet dog while you are draining the country of what made it great, those are the Spectacle's most glaring superficial manifestation. The spectacle, Debord said, of course refers to "the autocratic reign of the market economy which had acceded to an irresponsible sovereignty, and the totality of new techniques of government which accompanied this reign."  The spectacle continues this "historic" week in the UK as democacy has almost been clubbed to death, but Boris Johnston, Farage, Bannon and the rest manipulate the masses through personally targetted adverts on their personal media pocket devices.  The Spectacle is creating an angry, bitter, but basically placid population, as they are conned and billed for being conned.

On our podcast this time...

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Quote above - Paulo Friere.

On this Podcast...

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On this Podcast:

George Collins - Interview with Shawna Hawk

Part 1: Media Island and claiming space for the empowerment of women of color.


Part 2: Reparations and Restoring Black Wealth.

1,2,3 4 We declare a pigeon chess war – Debra Torrance

Debra declares her insanity.  We need a new way of thinking. That’s my declaration. And I implore folk to contact us to help defeat the fascists.


Laura Lundahl – We don’t need no education


Plucky" Britain and it's Empire - A change to the history curriculum would help the victims of the Windrush scandal - and all immigrants - far more than "Windrush Day"


Lakota journalist Ruth Hopkins –  Indigenous Land Defenders


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Music on this podcast comes from

The Hurriers

Cosmic Caz

Joe Solo

Derek Stewart McPherson



Cartoon reproduced in good faith.  If owner wants us to remove it, please contact us. More HERE.





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We have three individual pods in our part 2 for June.

  • Nathália Urban - About her application for settled status in the UK and all the hoops she had to jump to have her visa granted.
  • Rachael Horwitz – Telling us of her visit to Crete and her impressions of the place as well as WW2 history and the current day Jewish community there.
  • Ruth Hopkins – Discussing Trump’s efforts to push the Keystone XL pipeline through Lakota treaty lands.

Music is from:-

  • Dream Nails – Fascism is coming
  • Alexander Martin – Mr Stranger (our token male on this part of the pod)
  • and our featured artists for June - Bioma - from São Paulo (Brazil), first up with the 2nd track from their EP, Demo, - 77 Cobaias



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We have 5 pieces for you:

From Laura Lundahl who talks about immigration in the UK and is titled “Goodbye you bigoted woman - The tears of Theresa May's victims should get far more attention that her's did”.

Mhairi Hunter muses on Trump’s State Visit to the UK, Philip Hammond’s seeming lack of knowledge that there is actually poverty in the UK and get enthusiastic about the Govanhill Sistema Big Noise Orchestra.

Red Raiph’s piece is titled “Good Riddance Mrs May” and includes a Cheerio Song to her! I interview Graham Campbell and he tells us about the pre-World Cup friendly international between Scotland and Jamaica, the climate emergency, marches in Glasgow and updates us on ongoing processes of restorative justice in Scotland.

And Debra Torrance talks about migrant seagulls and birds near extinction and how you should feel sorry for them before feeling sorry for a fascist getting hit with a milkshake.

Music is from the Blackheart Orchestra, Petrol Girls, Ms MohammedSalvation Jayne and our featured artists for June -  Bioma. Bioma is a feminist queercore band, founded in 2017. The band arises from the encounter of four women from São Paulo (Brazil), carrying a intersectional feminist speech and libertarian (left-wing, anarchist), anti-rascist, anti-LGBTfobia and anti-CIStemic posture. Ungagged feature page on Bioma has info on them and links.

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