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Ungagged! A lefty podcast produced in Scotland featuring voices - and unsigned music - from across the world…


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Debra Torrance, Red Raiph, Steve McAuliffe , Victoria Pearson, Chuck Hamilton , Sandra Webster and John Andrew Hird.


With music from; Phat Bollard, Birdeatsbaby, Mower, Mishkin Fitzgerald, Killer Bob, Marshall Chipped, Derek Stewart MacPherson and Sarah Mackie.


Ungagged is a not for profit co-operative, and we rely on the generosity of our listeners. If you’d like to donate us the cost of a newspaper or a cup of coffee, you can do so through PayPal here.

Summer and the time is right for dancing in the street and getting wet. 


And protesting the most socially right wing Government since the last one, supported by the bigoted DUP.

Having said that, one small act of resistance at the ballot box has saved many’s a fox… and perhaps hopefully changed the political landscape. 

Podcasting, livestreaming, facebooking, tweeting, instagramming all acts of resistance you have seen and you have taken part in or you have come across online, adds to a narrative of change.  Progressive change. 

The right mastered the use of the TV – that was too costly for you and I to have our own channels on…  that passive screen in which you can do nothing but watch and accept as truth. 

The internet is a game changer.  A place we can resist with our voices and our thoughts and our disgust at the way the billionaire controlled media reframes what is going on to keep their faces deep in the trough of what our misery produces.

Ungagged is one of those small acts of resistance.  Listen and get involved.

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June 28, 2017

We Shall Not Be DUP-ed

Horray for a disunited left podcast!  Discussion from around the UK - and indeed the world!

Remember - all ittakes to keep us going is a donation of a couple of quid (if you want to of course - listening is free!)  But the price of a cup of coffee for something of this quality is cheap cheap cheap! Donate on Paypal HERE


Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean

Speaking on the podcast are, Neil Scott,  Emma Dehaney and Debra Torrance on Grenfell and the Tories, Tommy Ball on the former states of Yugoslavia, John Andrew Hird on how the left is uniting in Euskadi,  RED RAIPH  on the night of the long knives… for the tories, Derek Macpherson with Part 4 of his series, Spin Cycle, Damanvir Kaur on the continued political prisoners in India, Chuck Hamilton with an American perspective on the General election and Poetry from Joe Solo (Why Im angry) and Janine Booth (Real Rape).


Music: Jeremy Corbyn at Glasto, The Acid Punch and the Internationale, Joe Solo (who also played Glasto this year) with his song, A Patient Man, , Thee Faction (who played it last year) with The Push, Civil Unrest Desert Storm- with Cubby Time/the animals, Independent Intavenshan with Downpressor man, Radioactive Bones with Warlock, San Fran and the Siiscos with I'm Waiting, The Screichs with Shortbread Tins and Tartan Hats, Tim Hall and Ravens of War, and the brilliant Roy Moller and Sporting Life : If I was like you.

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Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean


On this Pre-Election special, we'll have Derek Stewart Macpherson with the first part of his Spin Cycle series, John McHarg talking about voter choice, Richie Venton on the choices socialists are facing in this election, and we'll be hearing from Nick Durie

Victoria Pearson will be reading her poem Another Revolting Peasant, Amber Heathers will be talking about an election in an age of uncertainty, and Chuck Hamilton will be giving us an American perspective on the UK election.

We'll have a magical poem called Invocation from Steve McAuliffe, Debra Torrance will be talking politics and football, Fuad Alakbarov will be talking about the election and ex Derry British Army Commander Eric Joyce will be talking about Corbyn, the IRA, Martin Mcguiness, Trident and Iraq.

John Andrew Hird will be making his Ungagged debut with a piece on left groups unifying in Spain, Red Raiph will be talking GE2017, Teresa Durran will be on newswatch, and we'll have  Sandra Webster discussing dystopian sci-find and the elections.

With music from Mark Little, Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes, Captain Ska, Robb Johnson, Joe Solo, Deux Furieuses, Derek Stewart Macpherson and Zoe Macpherson, Husky Tones, Argonaut, Kes's Conscience, Madame So, Dream Nails, and The Wakes.



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May 29, 2017

All we are saying…

A podcast that does everything Ron Mackay (see below for video) would have approved of - agitates for peace and attacks greed.


Intro – Neil

Ron Mackay – Opposing War 3:28

Music – Woody Guthrie = This Land

Simone – Fox Hunting  11:13

Music- Roy Moller – Rhythm from the rails

Steve – Spin Cycle (Election night broadcast)  20:53

Music - Kes’sConscience – sans everything

Em Dehaney – Strong and Stable  27:37

Music - Atilla the Stockbroker – UK Gin dependence party

Fuad Alakbarov – The NHS  31:45

Music - The Dolls – Audrey

Raiph – Get the tories oot!  36:40

Music - Thee Faction – Conservative Friend

Theresa – Making a difference  43:15

Music - Gladiators are you ready?  - I want to love you

Chuck – the meaning of life – part 2 55:13

John Lennon – Give Peace a Chance.

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April 30, 2017

May’s Day Celebrations?

In this episode, Mark Little will be leading us in one minute of hate, we'll hear part one of The Meaning of Life according to Chuck Hamilton,  Teresa Durran will remind us that seven weeks is a long time in politics, Joe Solo talks about how optistic he is feeling in the run up to this electionRed Raiph reminds you that if you vote Tory, you're a Tory, Artist Taxi Driver shares his poem on the zombification of Britain, Nick Durie discusses "nationalism" in the UK, and Victoria Pearson asks people to think carefully before throwing the vulnerable people under the Brexit bus.

Neil Scott will be giving us a short reprieve from the election by talking about the red Elvis, Debra Torrance talks Scelection scelectrix and playground politics, Steve McAuliiffe gives us a #fakenews Conservative party political broadcast, Eric Joyce draws parallels between May's brexit mandate and Scotland's independence mandate, George Collins discusses his part in the struggle, Simone Charlesworth talks about staying engaged in politics, despite voter fatigue, and why the Scots are the most political aware country in the UK, Mara Leverkuhn talks about the importance of nagging with people outside of your echo chamber, Derek Stewart Macpherson gives us the Hitchhikers Guide to Local Elections,  and we have an Independence Live interview with Roza Salih and Euan Girvan.

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April 17, 2017

Fight the Power!

On this episode of Ungagged, presented by Neil Scott, we’ll hear from Chuck Hamilton, on how we sold our revolution for a pair of trainers, Em Dehaney, talking about how she has never been to America, but America is in her, George Collins, and Eileen Eddie of Radio KRFP talking about cultural and political imperialism.

Red Raiph asks just what exactly happened to that Big Onion,  Debra Torrance casts her mind back to the 80s and finds that we’ve not come along very far. Simone Charlesworth makes her debut on Ungagged, jumping in at the deep end with a brief history of Sarin, and Steve McAuliffe presents his poem America First.

In this episode of Ungagged we are joined by guest speaker Priya, who volunteers at Umbrella Lane in  to tell us about the current laws in the UK regarding sex work, and why she thinks the Nordic model is dangerous.

With Music from XSLF, The Babel Fish Project, Argonaut, Joe Solo, Bratakus, Dolls, IDestroy, Bugeye, and Lilith Ai.

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April 1, 2017

From No to Yes!

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean

The Ungagged team give their view on the Scottish Referendum, Brexit, George Galloway and much, much more!

If you enjoy Ungagged - please help us meet costs by donating the price of a cuppa via Paypal HERE

On this episode we'll have Christopher Graham, Nick Durie, Eric Joyce, Derek Stewart Macpherson, Debra Torrance, Victoria Pearson, Ruth McAteer, Teresa Durran, Chuck Hamilton, George Collins, Paul Sheridan, Red Raiph and poetry from Steve McAuliffe.

With music from The Wakes, Girobabies, Stuart McFarlane, Kes' Conscience, Babel Fish Project, Roy Møller, Sharon Martin, Dream Nails,  James king & The Lonewolves, Husky Tones, Argonaut, Victoria Långstrump, Joe Solo.

Intro - Neil Scott

Girobabies – What could go wrong?

Derek Stewart MacPherson - Hearts and Minds 8.35

Music: Babel fish Project will ye go lassie go

Christopher Graham Yes Bikers  - "I voted no in 2014... I'll vote Yes next time." 28.50

Music: Huskytones One Good Reason

Teresa Durran - Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Bef4 -  43.00

Music: King James and the lone wolves- pretty blue eyes

Eric Joyce - From No to Yes 55.27

Music: Roy Moller - Captivity

Debra Torrance - It has to be yes... 1.02.42

Music: Stuart MacFarlane - The Medal

Paul Sheridan – What will Scotland be like, dad?  1.12.35

Music: The Wakes- Never Again.

Ruth McAteer – Inclusivity – 1.20.00

Music: Dreamnails- deep Heat

Victoria Pearson - Think for yourself! 1.26.11

Music: Sharon Martin – Girl

Raiph – Kurt's Precious Onions... 1.40.30

Steve McAuliffe - Panic Room..!  1.43.05

Music: Joe Solo – Summer Fields and Riot Shields

Nick Durie – The conversation towards Yes... 1.49.02

Music: Victoria Långstrump - From Mexico to Calofornia

George Parks - The Tragic Mistake of Henry Tandey - 2.01.06

Music: Kes’s Conscience – First Train South

Chuck Hamilton -  2.13.36

Music: Argonaut weekending

Eric Joyce in conversation with Steven Purcell via independence live. 2.29.10

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March 12, 2017

Loud Women!

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean


On this International Womens Day special of Ungagged, we'll hear from Amber Daniels  on the progress of women's rights, and why International Women's Day is still needed, Ruth Hopkins with a #NoDAPL update, Debra Torrance with a Dear John letter, and Ruth McAteer on women finding their voices.

Nick Durie  will be speaking about women in community groups, Red Raiph  will discuss racism, Victoria Pearson will talk about the different struggles we face under the current system and some of the forgotten women from history. Mara Leverkuhn will be discussing what she sees as the problems of feminism, and the struggle we should really be focusing on, Eric Joyce will talk about women in the media, and  Steve McAuliffe  will share his poem An End to Time and Motion.

We'll be hearing from new contributor Teresa Durran with a piece on the Icelandic strikes in 1975 and how they link to women’s marches today, as well as special guest speakers Daniellé Dash, on trying to achieve your dream, Em Dehaney on how feminism is not a dirty word, Zareen Taj, secretary of Muslim Women’s Association of Edinburgh talking about uniting communities, and about the toxicity of Prevent, and Natalie Washington on the journey to becoming yourself, and how  everyone has an equal right to be wrong.

With music from Derek Stewart Macpherson, Dream Nails, Madame So, Gladiators Are You Ready, Fight Rosa Fight, Argonaut, Deux Furieuses, The Ethical Debating Society, Little Fists, Nervous Twitch, Petrol Girls,  Fightmilk, GUTTFULL, and The Potentials .


As always here on Ungagged we don't always agree with each other, but we do respect each others right to speak, and to be heard.

If anything on the pod made you want to shout, get yourself onto the comments section, or onto our twitter, and get Ungagged.

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Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean

On this episode of Ungagged we will be hearing from Victoria Pearson, Red Raiph, Debra TorranceGeorge Collins, and Nick Durie on the subject of national health, Dr Bruce Scott on free association, and Eric Joyce on bad chemicals. We'll have Neil Scott with a piece called "Happy birthday 2000AD, some of your dystopian characters are in power," Chuck Hamilton commenting on both Standing Rock and the NHS, and an Independence Live interview with Simon Malzer from Inform Scotland.

With music from Joe Solo, Girobabies, Gerry Mulvenna, Roy MøllerThose Unfortunates, Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes, The Eastern Swell, St Christopher MedalDefences and Here are The Young men and the Argonauts.

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On this pod we have Red Raiph talking about fake news, Eric Joyce on pacifism and nukes and giving his view on ideas discussed by Tommy Sheppard MP at the Independence Convention, including ideas on currency, Victoria Pearson discussing an Independent Scotland within the EU, Amber Daniels talking about the importance of collective unity against the contemporary uprising of bullies, Steve McAuliiffe with his poem False Dichotomies Hold Back Our Dreams of Peace, Debra Torrance discussing War by Numbers - taking a look at major and minor conflicts across the globe, and George Collins discussing the global rise of right wing nationalism, and how that's tied to the global economic system and we hear from our regular contributers Neil Scot and Chuck Hamilton. With music from music Roy Møller, Guttfull, Argonaut, Kes's Conscience, Pilgrims, Huskytones.


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