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Ungagged! A lefty podcast produced in Scotland featuring voices - and unsigned music - from across the world…


November 17, 2017

Building Utopia…

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The world is full of doom and gloom, and in today's messed up world, it's easy to get bogged down in all the things we as a species are getting wrong. But to build a better world, you need a clear idea of what a better world would look like, as well as knowing what needs improvement. So today on ungagged we will be exploring ideas of how to build utopia.

We'll be hearing from Fuad Alakbarov,  Victoria Pearson, Richie Venton, Damanvir Kaur, George Collins, Debra Torrance, Chuck HamiltonRed Raiph, Sandra Webster, Thomas Morris, Neil Scott, Marisa Snider, Masta X-Kid  and Derek Stewart Macpherson.

With music from Robb Johnson's new album, Songs From The Last Seven Years, our very own Steve McAuliffe & The Mighty UrEthical Debating Society, Gladiators Are You Ready, Madame So, Phat Bollard, Colour Me WednesdayJoe Solo, Milton Star, The Cundeez, The Exiles, The Hurriers and The Wakes.

With sound editing by Neil Anderson.



What would your utopia look like? How do we start to build a better world? Think we are all talking utter pish? Get yourself Ungagged and let us know your thoughts in the comments, or on our twitter or Facebook.


Ungagged is a not for profit co-operative, and we rely on the generosity of our listeners. If you’d like to donate us the cost of a newspaper or a cup of coffee, you can do so through PayPal here.

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On this episode of Ungagged, introduced by Neil Scott, Chuck Hamilton will be talking us through two revolutions, Russia and Iran, George Collins will be talking about the changing nature of American political humour, Damanvir Kaur will be giving us an update on the hunger striking Baput Surat Singh Khalsa.

Debra Torrance will be talking about the responses to the #MeToo trends, and why the current climate is not at all funny,  Derek Stewart Macpherson will be talking Citizenship Games, or how a former hot shot lawyer PM got his arse handed to him in the High Court, and Liz Castro will be joining us for an update from Catalonia.

Flavia Tudoreanu will be talking  about the CND, Cllr Graham Campbell will be talking about Black History Month and on the left's part in the Scottish Independence movement. Thomas Morris will be giving us the case for #ThisGuyCan; why our boys deserve a range of male role models to break down toxic expectations boys and young men face.

We will hear from both Teresa Durran and Victoria Pearson on why sexual assault is not a laughing matter. Luckily, with all that doom and gloom, we also have Red Raiph with some things to look forward to!

With music from Steve McAuliffe feat. The Mighty Ur, Thee Faction, Mullen, The Merry Janes, Candidates

With sound editing by Neil Anderson.

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October 8, 2017

Empire of Skulls

Ungagged on America and Catalonia...


Intro – George Collins

Music Argonauts – Everybody Crash

Liz Castro  recorded on her rooftop in Catalonia - 4: 36

John Andrew Hird – Catalonia from a revolutionary Left perspective 16:20

Music – Blackheart Orchestra – Born to Live

Dakota/ Lakota journalist, Ruth Hopkins on Columbus Day 26.50

Music – Frank Waln featuring Tanaya Winder  “7”

Sahejn Rahal on his exhibition in the CCA Glasgow "Barricadia" – 45.50

Music – The Eastern Swell – Rattling Bones

Debra Torrance on America– 50.05

Music-  Victoria Langstrum – Dharma

Paul Sheridan – America, Empire of Skulls an uncomfortable truth 58.50

Music – The Wakes – Empire of Skulls.

George Collins on America – 1.04.15

Music Thee Faction – I can see the future (live)

Chuck Hamilton – Las Vegas and what is to blame… 1.15.30

Music – Dolls: Audrey

V – Tory Conference disaster - 1.28.45

Music – Madame So – Black is Beautiful

Steve McAuliffe – Poem: Socialist Cortinas 1.44.35

Raiph on ‘merka – 1.45.57

Music – Gerry Mulvenna – City of Immigrants

Emma Dehaney – The World – 1.51.05

Music – Roy Moller – Don’t Understand

Simone – The Scottish Labour Party… 1.55.40

Babel Fish Project – Country and Western Section!

Begins - 2.03.30

Music Babel Fish Project – He’ll have to go

Derek – conversation part 2-  2.11.13

Music Babel Fish Project – Wicked Game

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September 22, 2017


On this episode of Ungagged we are talking about moving forward and making progress.

We'll be hearing from Red Raiph on his thoughts on following the 2014 Scottish referendum, and how he moved on following the result, Victoria Pearson will be talking about why we haven't yet moved on from having the same old dry and dusty debates, and Em Dehaney will be discussing The Handmaid's Tale, and why it isn't so far from reality.

We couldn't let events in Catalonia go unremarkable upon, particularly as there seems to be a wall of silence on the issue, so John Andrew Hird will be getting us up to date on the ongoing situation, and we'll be having a self determination themed poem from Debra Torrance, Catalan to Cambuslang.

We'll also have Chuck Hamilton talking about the evolving narratives in the bible, Catriona Stevenson discussing her part in the Scottish Independence movement, Joe Solo on the We Shall overcome event, Neil Scott asks where the Independence butterflies have flown off to, and Heiko Khoo tells us all about how Warner Brothers are trying to stop the Karl Marx walking tour from stopping outside Karl Marx's house.

Ola’s Kool Kitchen will be chatting with Zia Mcabe of the Dandy Warhols and Derek Stewart Macpherson will be interviewing his daughter in the first of a four part series.


With music from  The Argonauts, Steve White and the Protest Family, Parasite Core, Salvation Jayne, Hands of Blue, Thee Faction, Jackal Trades, Petrol Girls, Joe Solo
James King and the Lone Wolves and The Babel Fish Project.

More details on our website, leftungagged.org

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September 14, 2017

The Peace Pod…

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This time on Ungagged we wanted to talk about Peace People, but we nearly didn't manage it. The ungagged team has been plagued with illness and injury and sudden busyness, and we were beginning to think this was the cursed pod. We got there in the end though, and we hope it was worth the wait.

We have contributions from George Collins , Sandra Webster, Teresa Durran, Daminvir Kuar, Wee Raiph, Chuck Hamilton, and Debra Torrance, and we'll be hearing from Phantom Power Films, presenting Alan Bisset.

With music from Unqualified Nurse Band, Little Fist, Colour Me Wednesday, The Tuts, Frank Waln, Grace Petrie, Steve White and the Protest Family, Gutfull, Roy Møller, and The Hurriers.

Pulled together, kicking and screaming, by Victoria Pearson and Neil Scott.

Ungagged is a not for profit co-operative, and we rely on the generosity of our listeners. If you’d like to donate us the cost of a newspaper or a cup of coffee, you can do so through PayPal here.

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Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean

It's Ungagged's birthday, and we are so excited to have been going strong for a whole year. We couldn't do it without the support of our listeners - your downloads, conversation generated from your tweets, facebook comments and comments here, as well as your wonderfully generous donations make Ungagged what it is. It is as much yours as is it ours.

We have a brilliant birthday present for you.  In this pod, introduced by Victoria Pearson, we’ll be hearing from Neil Scott on one of his musical heroes, Steve McAuliffe will be performing his brilliant poem Vampire Limosine, Janine Booth will perform her poem Glaston Tory, and Teresa Durran will perform her poem Natalis.

Sandra Webster will be talking about Hiroshima and her brother, Red Raiph will be talking birthdays, Debra Torrance will be talking about how much can change in a year, and Chuck Hamilton will be talking about his involvement with the Green Movement of Iran.

We’ll also hear from Richie Venton on the 10th anniversary of the onset of the economic crash, George Collins will join us for a chat,  Paul Sheridan talking about people not having confidence in their own abilities and on singing one of his own songs, Derek Stewart Macpherson reading us his letter from Australia, and brand new Ungagger Ola from Ola’s Kool Kitchen will be joining us. We'll also have an Independence Live interview with SNP MEP Alyn Smith.
With music from The Wakes, Hands of Blue, COAST, Velodrome, Dactylion, Baby Seals, Thee Faction, Joe Solo, Jackal Trades, Roy Møller, Thunder on the Left, Stuart McFarlane, and Ms Mohammed.


Individual start times will added later today


Ungagged is a not for profit co-operative, and we rely on the generosity of our listeners. If you’d like to donate us the cost of a newspaper or a cup of coffee, you can do so through PayPal here.

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July 27, 2017

The Hidden Podcast

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On this "hidden" themed Ungagged we'll hear from Em Dehaney, on the hidden hate uncovered by Brexit and Trump, Victoria Pearson will be discussing the extraordinary situation unfolding in Rojava, Syria,  Chuck Hamilton will be giving us the 4th part of his Meaning of Life series, George Collins will be talking about the hidden culture of indigenous Americans, Debra Torrance will be talking hidden disabilities and hidden agendas, Sarah Mackie will be fact checking Theresa May's claims about nurse numbers in the NHS,  Richie Venton will be chatting about the High Court descision regarding tribunal fees, and Neil Scott  will be discussing the rise of the right wing in traditionally left wing online spaces.

With music from The Empty Page, Phat Bollard, James King and the Lonewolves, Birdeatsbaby, Guttfull, The Eastern Swell, Girobabies, The Wakes, Those Unfortunates and Nervous Twitch.


Ungagged is a not for profit co-operative, and we rely on the generosity of our listeners. If you’d like to donate us the cost of a newspaper or a cup of coffee, you can do so through PayPal. HERE

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Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean

Debra Torrance, Red Raiph, Steve McAuliffe , Victoria Pearson, Chuck Hamilton , Sandra Webster and John Andrew Hird.


With music from; Phat Bollard, Birdeatsbaby, Mower, Mishkin Fitzgerald, Killer Bob, Marshall Chipped, Derek Stewart MacPherson and Sarah Mackie.


Ungagged is a not for profit co-operative, and we rely on the generosity of our listeners. If you’d like to donate us the cost of a newspaper or a cup of coffee, you can do so through PayPal here.

Summer and the time is right for dancing in the street and getting wet. 


And protesting the most socially right wing Government since the last one, supported by the bigoted DUP.

Having said that, one small act of resistance at the ballot box has saved many’s a fox… and perhaps hopefully changed the political landscape. 

Podcasting, livestreaming, facebooking, tweeting, instagramming all acts of resistance you have seen and you have taken part in or you have come across online, adds to a narrative of change.  Progressive change. 

The right mastered the use of the TV – that was too costly for you and I to have our own channels on…  that passive screen in which you can do nothing but watch and accept as truth. 

The internet is a game changer.  A place we can resist with our voices and our thoughts and our disgust at the way the billionaire controlled media reframes what is going on to keep their faces deep in the trough of what our misery produces.

Ungagged is one of those small acts of resistance.  Listen and get involved.

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June 28, 2017

We Shall Not Be DUP-ed

Horray for a disunited left podcast!  Discussion from around the UK - and indeed the world!

Remember - all ittakes to keep us going is a donation of a couple of quid (if you want to of course - listening is free!)  But the price of a cup of coffee for something of this quality is cheap cheap cheap! Donate on Paypal HERE


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Speaking on the podcast are, Neil Scott,  Emma Dehaney and Debra Torrance on Grenfell and the Tories, Tommy Ball on the former states of Yugoslavia, John Andrew Hird on how the left is uniting in Euskadi,  RED RAIPH  on the night of the long knives… for the tories, Derek Macpherson with Part 4 of his series, Spin Cycle, Damanvir Kaur on the continued political prisoners in India, Chuck Hamilton with an American perspective on the General election and Poetry from Joe Solo (Why Im angry) and Janine Booth (Real Rape).


Music: Jeremy Corbyn at Glasto, The Acid Punch and the Internationale, Joe Solo (who also played Glasto this year) with his song, A Patient Man, , Thee Faction (who played it last year) with The Push, Civil Unrest Desert Storm- with Cubby Time/the animals, Independent Intavenshan with Downpressor man, Radioactive Bones with Warlock, San Fran and the Siiscos with I'm Waiting, The Screichs with Shortbread Tins and Tartan Hats, Tim Hall and Ravens of War, and the brilliant Roy Moller and Sporting Life : If I was like you.

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Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean


On this Pre-Election special, we'll have Derek Stewart Macpherson with the first part of his Spin Cycle series, John McHarg talking about voter choice, Richie Venton on the choices socialists are facing in this election, and we'll be hearing from Nick Durie

Victoria Pearson will be reading her poem Another Revolting Peasant, Amber Heathers will be talking about an election in an age of uncertainty, and Chuck Hamilton will be giving us an American perspective on the UK election.

We'll have a magical poem called Invocation from Steve McAuliffe, Debra Torrance will be talking politics and football, Fuad Alakbarov will be talking about the election and ex Derry British Army Commander Eric Joyce will be talking about Corbyn, the IRA, Martin Mcguiness, Trident and Iraq.

John Andrew Hird will be making his Ungagged debut with a piece on left groups unifying in Spain, Red Raiph will be talking GE2017, Teresa Durran will be on newswatch, and we'll have  Sandra Webster discussing dystopian sci-find and the elections.

With music from Mark Little, Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes, Captain Ska, Robb Johnson, Joe Solo, Deux Furieuses, Derek Stewart Macpherson and Zoe Macpherson, Husky Tones, Argonaut, Kes's Conscience, Madame So, Dream Nails, and The Wakes.



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