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June 26, 2015

Apocryphal Tales 2

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In today's podcast, we have SSP Co Spokes people, SandraWebster and Colin Fox, Sandra on Paisley’s Sma Shot and Colin on the SNP’sstrange relationship with the monarchy. We have Don Mackeen on racism in theUSA, the confederate flag and of course the awful terrorist events inCharleston last week.  We have Dr BruceScott speaking about Mental distress from a socialist perspective; We haveblogger and transgender woman, Amber Daniels on her experiences, MatthewGeraghty on our democratic deficit, Australian Socialist Alliance member DaveRiley on “the Lucky Country,” SNP activist, Debra Torrance with a veryemotional plea about the terrible events in the Mediterranean, Calum Martin onthe SSP alternative to the Council Tax – the much fairer Scottish Service Taxand Aiden O’Rourke with a suggestion for the SSP…


The Hurriers

The Cathode Ray

Thee Faction

David Rovics

The Cundeez

The Wakes

Roy Moller

The Exiles

The just joans 

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