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Podcasting from Scotland - and beyond!


This week... David (Twitter:DavoMc82), Debra (@HeathPeaPict) and Brian (WeeSociologist) Discuss


- Tory MSP encouraging people to breach Covid regulations!

- A portrait of the Queen in every home!

- Labour MSP supports independence referendum


- Dido Harding to take over NHS England?

- Matt Hancock Affair

- Gove misuses Covid funds

Music by @HippyMusic

Art by @HeathPeaPict

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David (Twitter: @davomc82), Debra (@HeathPeaPict) and Brian (@WeeSociologist) are joined by Rachael Horwitz of the Hidden Wings & Bloodlust Podcast (@HWABpodcast) for a SPOILER FILLED discussion of the 2014 film “Pride”.

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This week... David (Twitter:DavoMc82), Debra (@HeathPeaPict) and Brian (WeeSociologist) Discuss

- Cummings spills more Tory Secrets

- GB News off to rocky start

- Gov ordered to release secret polling

- Shock By-election result

- Covid: what’s next?

Music by @HippyMusic

Art by @HeathPeaPict

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Neil Anderson leads a conversation with Glasgow Councillor Graham Campbell and Laura Bilton of Black Lives Matter, Edinburgh on - 

-the Radical Independence Conference and the way forward for indyref2.

-the non inclusion of black and BAME communities and their place in Scottish society.

- BLM and other movements for inclusion in changing societal views.

- BAME representation in elections.

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David (Twitter - DavoMc82), Debra (@HeathPeaPict) and Brian (WeeSociologist) Discuss

- New Constituency Boundaries

- Scotland Team & “Taking The Knee”

- Gender Critical Employment Tribunal Case

- Crazy Anti Indy Report

- MORE Tory corruption

- RIC Conference

Music by @HippyMusic

Art by @HeathPeaPict

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Join David (@DavoMc82), Debra (@HeathPeaPict) and Brian (@WeeSociologist) as they discuss -

- Alba’s Kenny MacAskill calling for Devo Max

- More Tory Corruption

- SNP Finances

- Douglas Ross Rainbow Pin Controversy


Music by @HippyMusic

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Join the Ungagged folk blethering about Scottish politics, plus a tribute to the last of the Spanish Civil War brigaders...

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