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On Saturday 26th of October, the Radical Independence Campaign held a conference.  The Speakers included Ungagged's Nathalia Urban from Resist Brazil and Scottish Green MSP, Ross Greer.


Nathalia starts the podcast off, followed by Ross at, 6 mins 25 sec and then Nathalia again at 15 mins 20 secs.


Introduced by Neil Anderson.

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October 17, 2019

Another Council Tenancy..?


As the power mongers... the aristocracy and rich in the UK, and the bureaucrats of the EU come to a deal that will cut freedom of movement, enforce Tory rule for another generation and impoverish millions across the British Isles, we bring you our ode to anarchy... our voices in the storm.  The Brexiteers bring you... something.  Nothing you voted for... or against... but nothing you understood.  Boris, Rees=Mogg, Farage, Bannon - the rich bastards that had you voting for stuff you didnt end up with, won again.

"Resist the Tory toffs, Resist the Bannonites, resist the Faragians... but I thought it was the ... NHS?  The foreigners? the blue passports?  The bent bananas?  WTF?"


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