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Quote above - Paulo Friere.

On this Podcast...

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On this Podcast:

George Collins - Interview with Shawna Hawk

Part 1: Media Island and claiming space for the empowerment of women of color.


Part 2: Reparations and Restoring Black Wealth.

1,2,3 4 We declare a pigeon chess war – Debra Torrance

Debra declares her insanity.  We need a new way of thinking. That’s my declaration. And I implore folk to contact us to help defeat the fascists.


Laura Lundahl – We don’t need no education


Plucky" Britain and it's Empire - A change to the history curriculum would help the victims of the Windrush scandal - and all immigrants - far more than "Windrush Day"


Lakota journalist Ruth Hopkins –  Indigenous Land Defenders


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Music on this podcast comes from

The Hurriers

Cosmic Caz

Joe Solo

Derek Stewart McPherson



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