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On this episode of Ungagged, introduced by Neil Scott, Chuck Hamilton will be talking us through two revolutions, Russia and Iran, George Collins will be talking about the changing nature of American political humour, Damanvir Kaur will be giving us an update on the hunger striking Baput Surat Singh Khalsa.

Debra Torrance will be talking about the responses to the #MeToo trends, and why the current climate is not at all funny,  Derek Stewart Macpherson will be talking Citizenship Games, or how a former hot shot lawyer PM got his arse handed to him in the High Court, and Liz Castro will be joining us for an update from Catalonia.

Flavia Tudoreanu will be talking  about the CND, Cllr Graham Campbell will be talking about Black History Month and on the left's part in the Scottish Independence movement. Thomas Morris will be giving us the case for #ThisGuyCan; why our boys deserve a range of male role models to break down toxic expectations boys and young men face.

We will hear from both Teresa Durran and Victoria Pearson on why sexual assault is not a laughing matter. Luckily, with all that doom and gloom, we also have Red Raiph with some things to look forward to!

With music from Steve McAuliffe feat. The Mighty Ur, Thee Faction, Mullen, The Merry Janes, Candidates

With sound editing by Neil Anderson.

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October 8, 2017

Empire of Skulls

Ungagged on America and Catalonia...


Intro – George Collins

Music Argonauts – Everybody Crash

Liz Castro  recorded on her rooftop in Catalonia - 4: 36

John Andrew Hird – Catalonia from a revolutionary Left perspective 16:20

Music – Blackheart Orchestra – Born to Live

Dakota/ Lakota journalist, Ruth Hopkins on Columbus Day 26.50

Music – Frank Waln featuring Tanaya Winder  “7”

Sahejn Rahal on his exhibition in the CCA Glasgow "Barricadia" – 45.50

Music – The Eastern Swell – Rattling Bones

Debra Torrance on America– 50.05

Music-  Victoria Langstrum – Dharma

Paul Sheridan – America, Empire of Skulls an uncomfortable truth 58.50

Music – The Wakes – Empire of Skulls.

George Collins on America – 1.04.15

Music Thee Faction – I can see the future (live)

Chuck Hamilton – Las Vegas and what is to blame… 1.15.30

Music – Dolls: Audrey

V – Tory Conference disaster - 1.28.45

Music – Madame So – Black is Beautiful

Steve McAuliffe – Poem: Socialist Cortinas 1.44.35

Raiph on ‘merka – 1.45.57

Music – Gerry Mulvenna – City of Immigrants

Emma Dehaney – The World – 1.51.05

Music – Roy Moller – Don’t Understand

Simone – The Scottish Labour Party… 1.55.40

Babel Fish Project – Country and Western Section!

Begins - 2.03.30

Music Babel Fish Project – He’ll have to go

Derek – conversation part 2-  2.11.13

Music Babel Fish Project – Wicked Game

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