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June 28, 2017

We Shall Not Be DUP-ed

Horray for a disunited left podcast!  Discussion from around the UK - and indeed the world!

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Speaking on the podcast are, Neil Scott,  Emma Dehaney and Debra Torrance on Grenfell and the Tories, Tommy Ball on the former states of Yugoslavia, John Andrew Hird on how the left is uniting in Euskadi,  RED RAIPH  on the night of the long knives… for the tories, Derek Macpherson with Part 4 of his series, Spin Cycle, Damanvir Kaur on the continued political prisoners in India, Chuck Hamilton with an American perspective on the General election and Poetry from Joe Solo (Why Im angry) and Janine Booth (Real Rape).


Music: Jeremy Corbyn at Glasto, The Acid Punch and the Internationale, Joe Solo (who also played Glasto this year) with his song, A Patient Man, , Thee Faction (who played it last year) with The Push, Civil Unrest Desert Storm- with Cubby Time/the animals, Independent Intavenshan with Downpressor man, Radioactive Bones with Warlock, San Fran and the Siiscos with I'm Waiting, The Screichs with Shortbread Tins and Tartan Hats, Tim Hall and Ravens of War, and the brilliant Roy Moller and Sporting Life : If I was like you.

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Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean


On this Pre-Election special, we'll have Derek Stewart Macpherson with the first part of his Spin Cycle series, John McHarg talking about voter choice, Richie Venton on the choices socialists are facing in this election, and we'll be hearing from Nick Durie

Victoria Pearson will be reading her poem Another Revolting Peasant, Amber Heathers will be talking about an election in an age of uncertainty, and Chuck Hamilton will be giving us an American perspective on the UK election.

We'll have a magical poem called Invocation from Steve McAuliffe, Debra Torrance will be talking politics and football, Fuad Alakbarov will be talking about the election and ex Derry British Army Commander Eric Joyce will be talking about Corbyn, the IRA, Martin Mcguiness, Trident and Iraq.

John Andrew Hird will be making his Ungagged debut with a piece on left groups unifying in Spain, Red Raiph will be talking GE2017, Teresa Durran will be on newswatch, and we'll have  Sandra Webster discussing dystopian sci-find and the elections.

With music from Mark Little, Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes, Captain Ska, Robb Johnson, Joe Solo, Deux Furieuses, Derek Stewart Macpherson and Zoe Macpherson, Husky Tones, Argonaut, Kes's Conscience, Madame So, Dream Nails, and The Wakes.



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