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In this bumper festive episode, Roy Møller interviews Stiff Little Fingers singer Jake Burns, Chuck Hamilton talks about what Jesus would be like were he around today, Red Raiph treats us to anite afor chrismas (Scottish style), and Victoria Pearson fixes the rip in the fabric of space-time to restore normality before 2017.

Debra Torrance discusses the redistribution of reality, Fuad Alakbarov speaks about Syria, we hear from Amber Daniels, And  Steve McAuliffe treats us to his poem Toasting the Bloody Queen.

Matt Geraghty talks the joyless joy of commercialmas, Mara Leverkuhn discusses the Snoopers Charter, we hear from Beinn Irbhinn with a message from Kazakhstan, and John McHarg tells us the true story of the time he ended up in a jail cell in San Phillips, Mexico.

With music from Attila the Stockbroker, Steve White and the Protest Family, Roy Møller and Sporting Hero, Victoria Långstrump, Frank WalnArgonaut , David Rovics and The Wakes, The Kara Sea, Jackal Trades, and Thunder on the Left.

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December 4, 2016

Liberty or 2016!

The death of a year of deaths... and we look at Liberty!

It's a bumper December episode... take your time, savour and reflect and then troll us on Twitter - where we are opening our Activists Advent...

On this episode, themed around Liberty, we have the former guitarist with Stiff Little Fingers, Henry Cluney, on the politics in his and the bands songs, Debra Torrance on Takening a liberty, Eric Joyce and Neil Scott on Fidel, Matt Geraghty with "A Monster Calls”.

Dr Bruce Scott talks to us about Free Speech and the Liberation of the Psyche, Joe Solo on a song that should be in your Christmas songlist, and on liberty.

Julie Bindel discusses the international sex trade, Chuck Hamilton talks about bisexuality from the point of view of a bisexual, Amber Daniels on the liberation of extreme self consciousness, Mara Leverkuhn on fake news.

We have Raiph talkin aboot tryin tae lissen tae uvvars views oan twittar, an no jus bein insultin!, Steve McAuliiffe with A Full Scale Apocalyptic Meltdown, Ruth Hopkins gives us an update on the stand off in North Dakota between Native American water protectors and the state working on behalf of the oil companies, Fuad Alakbarov speaks about the dreadful reality of the immigration crisis, Tommy Ball on the disasterous 2016 and the rise of racism and the right, and Victoria Pearson asks what it means when we say "It's a free country", and Atilla the Stockbroker treats us to Prince Harry's Knob.

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