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November 20, 2016

Looking Backward…

"When in possession of facts and the anger that truth brings, we find ways to change our unequal world."

Speaking on the podcast are Feminist activist Julie Bindel on Surrogacy, Scottish activists Debra Torrance and John McHarg on equality, Eric Joyce on transgender rights; transgender activist Amber Daniels on gender equality, Roy Moller on the last man in Scotland to be hanged, Victoria Pearson with a confession, Sandra Webster on the fight for her local Children’s ward in Renfrewshire , Chuck Hamilton on Looking Backward, Raiph on the guaranteed basic income, Poet Steve McAuliffe, Allan Grogan on the rise of fascism, Thomas Swann on anarchist organisation social media and cybernetics and Tommy ball on reasons to be fearful.

As ever we have fantastic music – this podcast features Jackal trades, Roy mooler, Bratakus, Derek Stweart Macpherson, Grace Petrie, the Ethical Debating Society, Bastard Killed my Rabbit, Effa Supertramp, Suzen Juel,  Thunder on the left. desperate journalist and the amazing Wimmins Institute…

Details of all the artists and contributors plus more articles etc on our website HERE

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November 10, 2016


This is an unscheduled broadcast for Ungagged, in reaction to the news that Donald Trump has won the American elections and will be the next POTUS. We didn't expect to put out a podcast today, so it is a little shorter than usual, and maybe a little more emotional.


These are our live reactions, as the news was breaking.


Speaking in this special will be Victoria Pearson, Chuck Hamilton, Amber Daniels and Steve McAuliffe.


As always, we at Ungagged don't always agree with each other, but we do respect each other'says right to speak and to be heard.

Music in this pod:

Mullen - The Devil is Innocent

Thee Faction - Who Benefits

Joe Solo - Last Man  Standing

Roy  Moller - Another Man's God.

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In this episode Debra Torrance talks about what emancipation means to her, Matt Geraghty asks if democracy in the UK and USA is shit or shite, and Ruth McAteer speaks about independence for disabled people.

With Victoria Pearson talking about remembrance, Red Raiph on Halloween, and Matt Carr from One Day Without Us talking about the planned day of action on February 20th in protest of the dangerous rhetoric surrounding the migration debate.

We'll also hear from Chuck HamiltonEric Joyce, and John McHarg and have some poetry from Steve McAuliffe.

With music from BlossomsJohn D RevelatorThe Hurriers, Colour Me WednesdayThe TutsMilton StarThe GirobabiesSteve White and the Protest Family, and Thee Faction.

With thanks to Neil Anderson for his work with the sound on Red Raiph and Steve McAuliffe's pieces, and Neil Scott for pulling everything together. Backing music in Red Raiph's piece used with permission from bensound.


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