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In this podcast: SSP Spokeswoman, Sandra Webster on her experiences of being a carer in Tory ruled Scotland, me on the patriotic fracking nonsense of the labour party, Lewis Akers on being a young SSP activist and Tommy Ball with this weeks political round up. 


Roy Moller from his  latest album, My Week Beats Your Year, on Stereogram recordings -  “Captivity.”

The Cathode Ray – “Resist” and St Christopher Medal, "Vatersay Love Song" –  also on Stereogram recordings.


Joe Solo - No Pasaran (The Ballad of Jack Atkinson) And his track with Rebekah Findlay – We will be free


The Wakes, “These Hands.”

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January 25, 2015

Greece Two

On the night that Syriza, the radical left party in Greece win at the polls, SSP activist Tommy Ball explains the implications this will have across Europe and Colin Fox reports from the celebrations on the ground in Athens!

Music from The Manics, The Wakes and Frightened Rabbit...
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Featuring a report from the heart of the campaign to have Syriza elected in Greece by Colin Fox; Alan Wylie on the £10 minimum wage policy; The Wakes, Thee Faction, UB40 and The Smiths... what's not to like?

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