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September 29, 2010

Podcast 3!

OK – Thanks for listening again! And thanks for all of you who sent encouraging words.

Twitter: This week, sspcampsie have had some great comradely conversations with @tovx @altany @peoplenotprofit @ocicat_bengals @johnmiller1948 @their_vodka @michaellammiman and my old foe, @jazzifull

Details of the events I mentioned are on our website www.scottishsocialistparty.org and www.campsiesocialists.com

Remember - We are on Twitter – www.twitter.com/sspcampsie

Ouremail address is eastdunbartonshiressp@hotmail.co.uk Leave a message/ text 075 413 925 22

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September 19, 2010

SSP Campsie Radio - episode 2!

Contact me via our website – www.campsiesocialists.com; email – eastdunbartonshiressp@hotmail.co.uk , twitter – www.twitter.com/sspcampsie or leave a message by phoning or texting– 075 413 925 22 – your standard charges apply!

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September 12, 2010

SSP Campsie Radio!

This is the first foray into podcasting by SSP Campsie. Please leave comments/suggestions at our website - www.campsiesocialists.com or by email eastdunbartonshiressp@hotmail.co.uk or by Twitter - @sspcampsie or by text - 07541392522

Be kind!

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